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I have been experiencing right upper quadrant pain for about seven to eight months and my family physician felt that it was from my gall bladder. I had extensive testing: hydro scan, ultrasound, CAT scan, and endoscopy and all tests showed normal results.I was still in pain, the doctor told me it was my liver. Extensive lab work was done ( about 8 panels) which turned out ok , and the doctor felt that it might be necessary to do a liver biopsy which I really did not want. He prescribed Wellbutrin, but I was still having pain, and he told me I just needed to relax.

I was referred by a friend to Dr Guerry, and came to see him on November 11th.  He diagnosed the problem as originating in the ribs which were out of place.  

 I felt immediate relief after the very first adjustment. After just four weeks of treatments, I am completely pain free. Sarah D



 I had a headache for four to six weeks! It began as a drawing pain across the top of my head.  It was so bad that it went up one side of my head and across the top. The pain was really bad!  

 I was in Alabama and called my daughter and told her that I had to come home. The airline advised me not to fly  so a relative took me to Atlanta and my daughter had to drive down there and pick me up.  We had both been patients of Dr Guerry's in the past and my daughter got me an appointment to see Dr. Guerry. With just one visit, my headache went away! It has not returned!  

 I have been in for four visits and he has also worked on my back pain, which is now much better. I was so miserable and Dr. Guerry has done wonders for me!  

  Essie M




Ann has come to Dr. Guerry for only two visits and  is so pleased that her neck pain of two years duration is completely gone! She states that she works over a computer all day and for the last two years has had to take Ibuprofen every four hours for pain and sleep with an ice pack every night. She  came to Dr Guerry on the  referral of  a friend who knew how much neck pain she was having . After  only two adjustments and  therapies, her pain has resolve!  


She states that last night she went to go to bed with her ice pack, and realized that she had no difficulty lying down. She was pain free and could sleep through the night without getting up to get a new ice pack and take Ibuprofen.  






My third pregnancy placed a lot of pressure on my hip. After the birth, my body was still stressed and the pain caused me to walk with a limp for two months. I went to see my family chiropractor in New Jersey for months but finally became resigned to live with the pain.   I lived with constant pain for the next seven years. It interfered with sleeping, work (I am a teacher), and everyday life. I enjoy karate but could not do many of the moves without pain. fter moving to North Carolina, I came by chance to Dr. Guerry for a neck adjustment. He advised a sleep position to help the neck pain, but I said that I could not try it due to the hip pain. He adjusted my hip and after just one adjustment, the chronic hip pain went away! I am so thankful to Dr. Guerry.  I told him it was written in the stars since the phonetic pronunciation of his name in French  "gueri", means "healed".  He has made a huge difference to my quality of life.

Dr. Katia



I first came to Dr Guerry  with constant pain in my right side (pelvic area).  I experienced pain both standing and sitting and I have to stand most of the day as a teacher.  Dr. Guerry treated my Sacroiliac joint and my headaches and he also diagnosed other medical problems.  

Prior to my visit I felt fatigued on a daily basis. I had no energy in the mornings and in the evenings would fall asleep on the couch by 8:30 every night.   

I felt relief immediately after my first adjustment.  Now my energy has returned and I feel great. I wake up energized and I am wide-awake at midnight still full of energy!





I have experienced back pain for years and am an avid golfer.  I do yard work daily but have had pain for years that I tried to relieve with over the counter treatments. For the last four to five weeks I was unable to play golf due to the increased back pain. I tried resting from my daily activities for about three weeks but the pain did not go away so I came to see Dr. Guerry on July 6th.  After eight treatments and making some changes at home that he recommended, I now find that I can do yard work again without any problem. 

 John M    




In April 2005 I developed left side rib pain that radiated into my back. The skin was sensitive and at times feverish. I have bee to seven doctors including Duke Hospital and no one could diagnose the problem. It went into remission for a time but resurfaced in April 2006. I continued to see doctors for tests, X rays and lab work but no one could find the problem. I was referred to pain management but I did not want to be on pain medication for the rest of my life. I was even willing to undergo exploratory surgery to find the cause of the pain. The only help the doctors could give was pain medications, which I did not want to take.

I had been receiving maintenance care from my regular chiropractor and she referred me to Dr Guerry. The first visit with Dr Guerry gave me relief from the pain and after the second visit today, I have experienced tremendous improvement!





I have been experiencing calf pain for one year since beginning treatment of Celebrex and Aloperinol for gout and arthritis. The pain was so bad at times I could hardly walk. It would ease off during the day, but was always there and intensified as soon as I became still. When consulting my MD about the pain, I was diagnosed with tendonitis and given recommendations of exercising the muscles and limiting the work related stresses on my calf muscles. Three months ago my MD changed my prescriptions but there has been no improvement in the pain.

My wife finally convinced me to see Dr. Guerry for the pain. After one visit to Dr. Guerry, he put me on RE CAL B, as he diagnosed the problem as a calcium deficiency. I took the RE CAL B calcium supplements for just one week and I experienced immediate relief from the pain. I no longer take the Celebrex, which saves me $300.00 for a 3-month supply, and am now pain free!


Back & Hip Pain


Two years ago I fractured my ribs after a fall. My doctors gave me pain medication and told me to wrap up the ribs. I had to sleep in a recliner because I was unable to lie in the bed and even then I would wake up every few hours. After my first visit with Dr. Guerry, I began to feel better. After 2 weeks of treatment with Dr. Guerry I was able to sleep in my bed without pain. I never believed in chiropractors until then. To be honest I thought they were a bunch of quacks but Dr. Guerry helped me more than any medical doctor.



















I had a sudden onset of pain and a total inability to bear weight on my left leg. I went immediately to my medical doctor and shortly after that, I had left knee surgery. The laparoscopic surgery involved removing some arthritis and a repair of a tear in the meniscus.

After the surgery, the doctor prescribed pain medication but I felt ok and didn't need to take them very often for the first 2 to 3 weeks. About that time, I started getting pain in my left leg, began having a noticeable limp and was having trouble walking. Two months after the surgery it was even worse. Now I had trouble with the entire leg. Things had gone from bad to worse. It became necessary to take a lot of pain medication just to get through the day. I was hurting so badly that I couldn't exercise and had to go up and down stairs one step at a time. I thought "I'm too young to have these problems." I know I have a knee problem but something is wrong with this picture. What should I do? I cannot delay my life any longer.

That was when a friend of mine suggested I come to see Dr. Guerry. Last week I came in to Dr. Guerry's office for the first time. Prior to my visit, I couldn't sit or stand without bracing myself with both hands and was in a lot of pain (8-9) on a scale of 1-10. This pain had been constant for the past 4-5 days. The pain awakened me at night and would wake up 2 times a night when I would have to take Aleve or Ibuprophen to get back to sleep.


That was last week. Today feel great. I am able to go up and down stairs normally. I can get up and down without bracing myself. I was able to stay at an entire wedding this weekend and was able to get up and down without having to think about pain. It has been a huge improvement! Before, I was crippled. Now I can function and get through a day normally.









This past fall I began having serious back and right hip pain. I was unable to sleep at night, sitting would hurt, and standing would hurt. Four weeks ago, my doctor talked to me about surgery and pain pills he felt were necessary for my back and right hip pain. I don't like pain pills and I did not like the idea of surgery so I came back to Dr. Guerry in December of 2007. After the first adjustment, 95 % of the pain was gone. Dr. Guerry has been a real blessing to me. I am now able to sleep, sit and stand without pain.






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