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Dr Guerry has helped me more than any other doctor- ever!

 I have been able to get almost instant relief in every aspect of healing. He has given me results where other doctors have failed. For example, I had a bad cough and went to my MD who gave me prescriptions which did not give any relief. Dr Guerry last week found that the cough was from a fungal infection, and with his treatment, the cough is now gone.

I am now getting away from prescription drugs and turning to more natural cures. I have become more aware of my body and am able to look for the treatments that my body needs. I appreciate the more natural effectiveness of these treatments and I am learning to make my body work for me. I don't understand how everything works just yet, but I know that more natural treatments will work for me. (For example, Dr. Guerry showed me how the use of the LED will aid in pain relief and how I can use this technique at home.)

I must say that I have been afraid to tell my friends of this phenomenal success in my health care because I was afraid that Dr. Guerry would become so busy that he would no longer have time for me. I am giving this testimony today because I know that everyone ought to have this non- invasive, no foreign chemical, approach to your heath care needs.


Low Back Pain, Headaches & Sinus Congestion


 I was in a minor car accident and came to Dr. Guerry for an adjustment. I never really felt "bad" but I had minor low back pain, headaches, sinus pressure and trouble sleeping. The best way to describe it is that I always felt like I had a low level flu and had just become used to feeling this way. Now I know what it's like to feel better and I can't believe I felt that way for so long.

It's incredible! I have more energy. I fall asleep easier, sleep deeper and am able to wake up no problem when my alarm goes off. I want to eat better because I am feeling better. I have more stamina and energy when working out and can lift more and work out longer than before.

I have been taking the Yeast and Allergy supplements and have not had a headache since I started on them.



I have suffered ten years with chronic fatigue. I sought treatment for two years by a medical doctor who diagnosed and Auto Immune deficiency and prescribed Paxil which settled in my joints. While having massage therapy for the pain in my joints, Applied Kinesiology was recommended as a possible form of treatment. I began seeing a chiropractor in Blowing Rock who used this therapy and the same Nutrawest vitamins that I have found here. With nutritional therapy and adjustments, my chronic fatigue, metal confusion and body aches began to improve.

After moving to Wilmington, I was under the care of at least five doctors. An Internist, Endocrine and Dermatology specialists, who told me that I was basically healthy. They found a pituitary gland cyst, and stated that I was sleep deprived. They even referred me for psychiatric care. The medications that were prescribed only resulted in the same increased symptoms as before.

Then I found Dr. Guerry's ad in the phone book asking me if I was "tired of guessing about my healthcare needs". I was pleased to find that he practices the same nutrition based care that had previously provided relief to my condition.

Within two weeks of starting treatment with Dr. Guerry, I had noticeably more energy and less mental confusion. With the nutritional supplements and Epsom Salt soaks, for the last month, I have a noticeable reduction in pain and my friends have remarked on the increased energy and mental alertness.

Thank you Dr. Guerry,



I had been diagnosed with enlarged prostate and been suffering from pain and frequency so bad that I got very little sleep from getting up so many times during the night. My MD gave me a prescription, which only covered the symptoms. I visited Dr. Guerry about three months ago and he put me on DSF (Herbal supplement for De-Stressing the body) and a Prostate Support product. After just three months on this therapy, I am sleeping better and in much less pain. Already, I feel that the condition is improved by 85 % over what it was on my first visit!




I have been a nurse for 34 years. I have been taking a prescription for depression and the side effect was diarrhea. I suffered badly from this but had to tolerate the side effects because I could not stop taking the medication. In order to be able to work, I began taking over the counter anti- diarrhea medication, Imodium. This helped, but I started getting cramps in my legs. I went to the doctor to determine what was causing the leg cramps and after multiple tests, no cause had been determined. I did not associate the leg cramps with the diarrhea problem.

I went to see Dr Guerry for the leg cramps. He checked the medications that I had been taking and determined that the Imodium was not what my body needed. He suggested I begin taking Colostrum, as he felt that the underlying cause may be a fungal infection. This would explain the associated abdominal swelling as well as the diarrhea and leg cramps.

After two days on the Colostrum, I have experienced almost complete relief from the diarrhea and leg cramps.




I have not been able to taste since 1955 when I hit my head. During my visit in January, Dr. Guerry suggested I take Intramax and my ability to taste has returned.








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