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Since the age of 17, I have had irritable bowel problems. I have always eaten a healthy diet, drank 64 oz of water a day, and exercised regularly. Now at 31, I have suffered with severe irritable bowel syndrome with constipation so badly that I could not go for three weeks at the time. The bloating and gas and abdominal discomfort also affected my work and social life.  

The GI doctor had tried multiple meds with no success. For six months I took Zelnorm and then it no longer worked. The dose was increased to the maximum allowed with no result. My GI doctor told me I would have to live with the condition. A new drug was to come out in a couple of years and we could try that.He also stated that there was a problem with the ileocecal valve, but had no recommendation for correcting it. 

 I knew of Dr Guerry and came in to see him.I knew he used Homeopathic remedies and that adjustments could take the pressure off internal organs which may help the discomfort I was having. He immediately started me on digestive enzymes which started to show mild improvement the very first week.  

I thought it would take at least six months to see improvement but now after two months there has been relief from the constipation and an increase in energy. My friends have commented that they notice that I look like I am feeling better. Previously, I would feel worse after eating, but now I actually feel better after I eat. 

I am now off the Zelnorm and the other meds. Dr. Guerry has increased the dose per meal of the enzymes, and with adjustments to the spine and ileocecal valve, I have experienced a night and day difference in my condition. 




A few months ago my right hand and arm began to swell, particularly the middle finger and top of the hand. Thinking it might have been caused by carrying a wooden five shelf storage cabinet from my car, up some steps, into the house I went to Medac. The doctor examined my hand, but did not take x-rays. He told me if it didn't get better in a couple of weeks to see my regular physician.

I waited three weeks and went to my Internist. He took x-rays and it showed nothing broken so he sent me for a Doppler test to rule out blood clots. The Doppler test was normal. He said if the Doppler was normal, then it was Lymph edema caused from having all my lymph nodes removed three years ago when I had surgery for breast cancer, and I would need physical therapy. I called my Oncologist's office and was referred to a physical therapist. I had treatment three times a week (hand massage and arm pump) for a month. The swelling in my hand and arm did improve but I still had noticeable swelling. I was fitted for a sleeve (tight hose) that fit on the hand and covered the entire arm.

I was very frustrated wearing this and decided since Dr. Guerry had treated me successfully in the past for back problems that I would ask if he could treat Lymph edema. He was optimistic that he could help me and after testing and treating me the difference was immediate. The hand is not swollen after only a few treatments and I have not worn the sleeve. It is amazing what Dr. Guerry did for me. I am very thankful.


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