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What is kinesiology? Kinesiology refers to the study of movement.

Applied Kinesiology (AK), developed by Dr. George Goodheart in 1964, uses bioenergetic feedback through testing the strength of various muscles in the body.

Applied kinesiology (AK) is a form of diagnosis using muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a person's body is functioning and augment the examination skills of thehealth care professional. These findings then allow an integrated approach of differing therapies that are appropriate for the patient. When properly applied, the outcome of an AK diagnosis will determine the best form of therapy for the patient. This highly individualized system of analysis allows the doctor to assess various aspects of a patient's state of health by evaluatingpostural and muscular imbalances, neurovascular and neurolymphatic points, subluxation, cranial-sacral movement, acupuncture meridians and nutritional status.

One example of the great advantages in using applied kinesiology is the ability to affect performance. Examples of this range from increasing the breathing capacity in endurance athletes, to increasing the accuracy of those sports requiring eye-hand or eye-foot coordination.

George Goodheart, founder of Applied Kinesiology, was the first chiropractor named to the United States Olympic Medical Team in 1980. Since then, many other doctors in countries around the world have helped athletes in the Olympics. Doctors using applied kinesiology have been and continue to be important assets to professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer teams. These doctors are able to tailor a treatment program to speed recovery and maximize performance.

This is part of a highly effective treatment system which focuses on whole body care. AK enables health investigation without intrusion. AK gives insight into the underlying causes and solutions to many functional health problems. Applied Kinesiology is a greattool for discernment tohelp you to achieve an overall state of well being.

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