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You don't have to live with AllergiesAn allergy occurs when the body reacts abnormally to a substance or group of substances that a healthy body recognizes as harmless. The body can become allergic to common substances like food, plants or clothing materials, or to toxics such as exhaust fumes or pesticides. An allergic reaction causes the body to trigger an excess of an antibody called immunoglobulin E, which releases histamines from cell tissues and produces various symptoms. Some symptoms are mild, while others are life-threatening. We believe that almost every serious health condition can have an allergic component. sometimes the body immobilizes its defense mechanisms against a substance even when a full allergic response can't be measured. We call this a "sensitivity" reaction. Just as a computer communicates in binary language, the body also communicates in a yes-no fashion. To determine allergies, we use kinesiology, or muscle testing, to ask the body questions. When we introduce a substance that's good for a person, the muscles remain strong. A substance that causes an allergic reaction will cause the muscles to weaken when tested. One of the ways to control allergic reactions is with Homeopathic drops specially designed to desensitize the body to the allergy. 



















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